Extra Tech Support from Escape Studios

Extra Tech Support from Escape Studios

Good morning internet!

Escape tech wizards have been manhandling the website and online learning system from behind their keyboards over the last couple of weeks, in preparation for a New Year revamp. One of the features included as of today though, is this this snazzy (and very helpful) tab for visitors to the online learning system who are in need of some instant help.

So next time you’re pilfering through our illustrious archives of VFX related content, if find yourself in need of technical help – click away. The images below show you what to look out for!


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David Joos
Fri 30 Nov 2012: 4:52pm

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  • Doris:

    Awesome feature .. I now almost look forward to my next stumble !
    Very cool. Will this feature be available to former escapees once "graduated" ?

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