Exploring the Oceans of Pandora

Exploring the Oceans of Pandora

James Cameron heads underwater for his Avatar sequels.

Now it’s pretty common knowledge among my colleagues here at Escape that I’m a bit of an Avatar fan but what they may not know is that I’m also a bit of a water baby (for those astrology enthusiasts among you I’m a Scorpio, so it makes sense really). I relish the thought of watching anything which will take me down into the depths of that mystical, almost ‘alien’ world under the sea, so the latest news on Cameron’s intentions for his most recent 3D project naturally caught my attention.

Screen Junkies reported on Monday that the Oscar-winning director will develop techniques for underwater motion capture to be used in filming for Avatar II and III - what a treat!

Speaking at a technology cinema conference over the weekend, producer Jon Landau said “We want to take advantage of the technologies brilliant people are putting out to make the next two movies even more emotionally engaging and visually tantalising, and to really wrap up the story arc of our two main characters.”

Combining two of his greatest passions; pioneering technological advances in cinematography and scuba-diving, Cameron will surely be in his element while shooting this latest venture.

I look forward to taking the plunge with him when it finally hits the big screen!

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