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Skills for work

Our courses are intensive hands-on workshops designed to prepare you for work. This is why our rates for successful job placement are so high.

Professional VFX Studios hire people on the strength of their ability to do the job from day one. We know because they come to us to recruit their new talent. As a result, our courses focus on the practical skills you’ll need to prove to employers that you’re exceptionally capable of what you’re being hired to do.

Career support
When your course ends, our support is just beginning, in fact it'll have started before your course is even over. Our in-house recruitment experts are available to all Escape graduates to offer career advice, showreel clinics, interview practice, CV guidance, useful resources and big helpings of friendly encouragement. Whatever it takes to help you get the job of your dreams in VFX. For full details on all the benefits you get with being an Escapee, speak to one of our admissions team.

Showreel clinic

Your showreel is your CV, calling card and shop window rolled into one. It’s the single biggest factor in deciding who gets an interview and who doesn’t. Attendees of our full time or intensive classroom courses have exclusive access to our Showreel Clinics where we provide practical advice on the best way to present your work.

Welcome to the family
Like any creative industry, who you know in VFX can be just as important as what you know about VFX. Meeting the right people is probably only second to the quality of your showreel when it comes to getting where you want to be. During your time at Escape Studios you can make invaluable industry contacts.

For example, our online artist community is a great way to build working partnerships and get noticed by your peers and you can meet the professionals in-person at the regular presentations given by the UK’s biggest CG studios working in post-production, games and animation at our west London studios' open days. For more information about this; get in touch.

The Escapee effect
We affectionately refer to graduates of our courses as ‘Escapees’. There’s a certain amount of kudos that goes with being an Escapee. Employers recognise the quality of our tuition. Some may even be Escapees themselves. This can give you an important head start at interview stage, one you just can’t get anywhere else.