Escapees work on Rooney

Escapees work on Rooney

Now almost as hyped an event as the World Cup itself, the Nike ad this year starred a host of big names, from our own Wayne Rooney through to Franck Ribiery of France, Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro and even shiny Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Most people will have seen at least one of the shorter clips, if not the full thing, and the eagle eyed among you will know that the guys at the Mill were on hand to provide the VFX wizardry.

All told, the ad contained 236 VFX shots, including stadiums, crowds and the famous Rooney/Federer table tennis match, and you can read the full details of the Mill’s work here, with an interview from lead Tom Bussell. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see that Escape Studios has been credited with tracking and rotoscope assists. Some of our students were given the opportunity to be part of the work the Mill did, and Laura Jacobs was one of them.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in such a high profile project,” Laura said. “Having just finished my course at Escape, I was a little bit nervous about working in the industry, but the skills I’d gained on the course allowed me to hit the ground running – we were able to slot right into the production pipeline and be useful from day one. You learn so much just being around the Mill, the people there are at the top of their game, and it’s really inspiring to be around so much talent and experience.”

We’re really proud of the work all the escapees did on the ad, and think it goes to show that with the right knowledge people can crack the industry and make a real impact right from the first day. You can find out more from Laura and her work at The Mill by watching this video.

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