Escapees Work on God View

We're really pleased to show you the trailer of a new short film project by Billy Lumby titled 'God view'. Billy approached Escape Studios to help him out with some of the visual effects work on the project. I'm not going to give away any of secrets of the project but you'll see it's a great concept and some really interesting techniques were used to create the film's final look.

This was an excellent opportunity for escapees to work on a project and get some experience for their CV and reel. I just wanted to thank all those that helped out and wish Billy all the best as he takes his project to film festivals. We're really looking forward to seeing the full film when it's released.

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Paul Wilkes
Mon 28 Mar 2011: 11:45am

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  • Alexander Swann:

    The director wanted to leave the reflection of the rig in at the end as an easter egg to those looking closely and for his own amusement of secretly telling how it was done. So it was basically done on purpose.

  • Colin West:

    Great concept for a perception shift, its a shame you can see the rig at the end of the clip but it looks really interesting, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on this project.

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