Escapees in far-flung places

Escapees in far-flung places

It turns out that our escapees are never prouder than when they are wearing an ‘escapee’ T-Shirt, as you can see in this photo of Mentored VFX Course student Ricardo Vianna. Whenever I’m out and about in Soho, I’m always surprised by how many escapees stop to tell me that they continue to wear their T-Shirt, even after we have placed them in jobs. Some have mentioned that they’ve even taken them on holiday. All of our Classroom and Mentored Course students get a T-Shirt and they are becoming a bit of a phenomenon – well, put it this way, it’s very easy to spot our graduates when out and about in the industry. It turns out that one of our students has a picture of herself standing outside the pyramids with it on! (Picture coming soon…).

So it got us thinking? Where is the furthest you have taken your escapee T-Shirt? We want to know! The best, most interesting picture will receive none other than one of our brand spanking new T-Shirts of the latest design. We look forward to seeing you in them, wherever you may be.

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Garreth Gaydon
Mon 24 Oct 2011: 12:39pm

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  • Alvaro Martinez:

    I had my Escapee t shirt on a cruise in Norway last April.
    That t shirt has been in the northern sea, beyond the arctic polar circle and North Cape, the northest place in the European continent.

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