Escapees do great work on Something Really Bad

Escapees do great work on Something Really Bad

Here at Escape, we're always trying to help our Escapees get the best jobs in the VFX industry, as part of our ongoing commitment to every student who passes through our doors. Sometimes that means they'll work on feature films, or hit TV shows, or sometimes, as Roberto Fera was lucky enough to find out, it means music videos.

After hearing that our friends at Partizan were looking for some young talent to help out with a project, we got in touch with some of our recent students and helped to recruit them for what turned out to be the video for Dizzee Rascal's new tune, Something Really Bad

Roberto worked on the animation and rendering of some of the light cube patterns you can see during the chorus, and got in touch with us after the job finished to tell us just how awesome it was.

"I learned a lot as I've never had a chance to work on such a project before and since the deadline was really short I had to pick up everything really quickly. I think I have improved my knowledge of animation as most of the team members were great animators and there was a lot to learn from them"

Roberto also told us that plenty of other Escapees were working on the project, including Denis Baudin and Carlo Robert Costa, and we want to say congrats to them all for doing such a great job, and keep up the good work! If you'd like to know more about where our Escapees end up, head over to our Success Stories page and read about the amazing work they've done.

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