Escapee Spotlight: Tiago Carmo

Escapee Spotlight: Tiago Carmo

We have welcomed a great many students to our studio over the years, and those students all share something in common. That is, a passion for creativity and to start a career in visual effects. Students come from far and wide to attend our training facility, and emerge with skills that are truly mind blowing for 12 weeks of training. Each and every student invests extraordinary dedication to their work, and through that we are treated to some fantastic results.

Tiago Carmo is no exception! Having moved to London from Portugal, Tiago was faced with the challenge of starting a new life in London, speaking a language that was not his mother tongue and learning a skill that was completely alien to him. And after 12 weeks of hard work and dedication, Tiago is proof that the intensive VFX for Production course at Escape teaches you a hell of a lot about the art of visual effects.

Tiago finished his course back in August 2012 and since then has been putting together a showreel, his calling card to all potential employers. And for anyone looking for a Junior 3D Artist this New Year, Tiago would like you to know that he’s available and ready to work!

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