Escapee spotlight: Adam Dewhirst: Lead Modeller on Guardians of the Galaxy

Escapee spotlight: Adam Dewhirst: Lead Modeller on Guardians of the Galaxy

You may have read that our main man Ash Miles was invited to the private cast and crew screening of Guardians of the Galaxy last weekend, and went along with a number of Escape graduates from MPC who worked on the project. His blog about it got us so excited that we had to get in touch with Adam Dewhirst, escapee and advisory board member who happened to be Framestore's Lead Modeller on the film, to ask a few questions, he was careful not to discuss any spoilers with us so read all about the project below in peace, and discover what it’s like to work on what is soon to be a truly iconic motion picture.

What was the favourite part of the film that you worked on, from an Artist's perspective?

I’m personally responsible for a few aspects of the film, but most of the big visuals are a team effort - Rocket Racoon in particular was great to work on, I handled much of his development, including many of his facial expression, some of his costumes and finer details like hands and feet. I think the giant celestial skull is also something im rather proud of.

In a sentence (without giving away any spoilers) can you tell us something you'd like us to look out for?

The entire prison sequence is a favourite of mine, it’s the first time you see all the guardians pull together, and it’s something that was Framestore’s sole responsibility - from the set, to the other inmates, props, vehicles and characters we created all of it, and it’s a cracking sequence!

How would you describe the visuals in the film?

Colourful! The look of the film is very vivid, each world we visit is totally unique clearly identifiable, but the galaxy in general has a very rich palette that really sets this film apart visually. I think most of the set, characters, ships and items are rather unique in this film and it really stands out.

How does it scale in comparison to previous cinematic instalments from Marvel?

This film is something Marvel have never attempted before, so it’s really off the scale in terms of what they are trying to achieve. Most cinematic audiences will be totally unfamiliar with the Guardians, so it’s an entire universe we are creating here - and from Marvels perspective, if audiences flock to see this, it’s a good indication that they have the green light to create other more obscure characters from the Marvel universe,  so in terms of scale its pretty massive.
   From a CG point of view, it’s a very big deal, we have a team of 5 heroes, 2 of which are entirely CG – that’s a big undertaking, walking, talking, believable characters are always a challenge to pull off, but these guys (Groot and Rocket) have so much character and personality, they just slip into this world seamlessly so you never really feel like you’re watching visual effects, and I think without them, the film just wouldn’t be anywhere near as good!

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