Escapee Showreel - Ewan Armstrong

Escapee Showreel - Ewan Armstrong

Having previously worked in the games industry and studied Computer Games Art at degree level, Ewan Armstrong wanted to broaden his skill set to make the transition into film and TV media. Ewan made the decision to study at Escape because he saw an opportunity to fill the gaps in his knowledge on production rendering techniques, camera tracking and compositing, all while being in an environment closely linked to the VFX industry.

Ewan took the six week VFX Professional course and this is the showreel he finished earlier this year, to show off all the new techniques he adopted on the course. In the reel, Ewan demonstrates a range of skills and flexibility as well as an ability to use a range of software. To start with, there's a beautiful cinematic shot with soft foliage and weathered stone created in Mudbox. The second cinematic shot demonstrates different materials such as cloth and ceramic sculpted in ZBrush. The final is a product shot which incorporates hard surface modelling and basic animation. Ewan is certainly pleased with how the reel has turned out, as he’s been receiving some really positive feedback. We think it’s definitely a showreel he can be proud of, and we hope its landing him exciting VFX opportunities. 

Check out Ewan’s showreel above and let him know what you think. And if you’ve got some shots of your own to show off, please feel free to share them on our Facebook group. There’s been quite a few going up recently and we’re loving the banter.

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