Escapee Showcase: Iveth Bueno, SIGGRAPH 2014 Volunteer

Escapee Showcase: Iveth Bueno, SIGGRAPH 2014 Volunteer

During my five days at SIGGRAPH, one of the escapees i happened to bump into was Iveth Bueno, from my Compositing for Visual Effects class in 2013, she kindly wrote a blog for us about her experience as a SIGGRAPH 2014 volunteer!

"Being part of SIGGRAPH 2014 as a student volunteer opens doors to new opportunities, allows you to meet new and experienced contacts and, if you are lucky, you'll get to visit some of the most important studios in town. To apply to be a volunteer you need to be studying or be recent graduate from the course you are taking; it all starts with an application of three small essays, it isn't hard, but you have to convince them that you are the one, that you have the right attitude and leadership to be part of the team.

After you have filled it all in, you'll find a section at the end where you will need to add a reference from the school you are attending/you come from, remember to write down the name of a tutor that you know will reply with a good recommendation! After that, you will need to wait until the window for applications is closed. When the time eventually came around, I felt extremely excited looking at my email inbox and finding that I was chosen to be part of SIGGRAPH 2014!

Before the conference starts, I received all the information I needed about being an "SV". The rules, the dos and don'ts. I was added to all the social networks related to the SVs and of course given the most important thing, my list of tasks and schedule of work during the conference.

You need to understand that even though you will be working there, having a full conference pass will let you attend anything you want in your spare time, one of the reasons I fully recommend this experience. There are also special conferences and events only for SVs. These are more exclusive and often you are able to speak directly to the people giving the talk.

There are also other types of activities exclusive for the SVs, like parties and, for me one of the most important extras- reel reviews! I came prepared with my showreel, CV and business cards, because the opportunity was a unique one. Leads and Supervisors will review your reel, and at the end, being surrounded with people that share your passion, and getting to meet amazing artists, is an experience you will not regret!”

If you'd like to apply to volunteer at next year's event, you can fill in a volunterr application form here.

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