Escapee Showcase: Ben Revens

Escapee Showcase: Ben Revens

As promised here's another escapee reel. This time from Ben Revens, one of our recent VFX graduates. This is a great reel with good examples of work from two of our most popular courses. The violin and tank shots were produced during our 12-week Visual Effects Production course. The more elaborate and advanced staircases shot was produced during our 6-weeks Visual Effects Professional extension which Ben took straight after his VFX Production course.

As well as being well executed and featuring work of high standard, Ben's reel is well put together. It shows some nice and slick breakdowns that get the information the viewer needs without dragging it out - a good job well done!

If you dream of being able to create work like this, why not come for one of our Open Days? They run every two weeks, and give you a chance to see what it's like to learn with us. You'll also get a chance to meet professionals who have worked in this industry for years.

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