Escapee Richard Jeffery Wows with his Animation

Here at Escape Studios we are constantly fine-tuning our courses to give our students the best possible balance of skills.

Escapes' Character Animation course is no exception to that rule. Our friendly neighbourhood animation tutor Alex Williams, recently made some major adjustments to our course to create more time for animation performance and character acting. We are thrilled with the results, which we think speak for themselves! One of our most talented animators is Richard Jeffery, whose awesome showreel you can see here.

Rich began the course with little or no experience in Maya, but he quickly got the hang of the controls and was soon able to focus purely on creating an entertaining performance, which is what good animation is all about. He also learned enough about the Maya core subjects - modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering - to create attractive environments, but nothing overly complicated which might distract from the performance.

Congratulations to Rich for some hilarious and inspiring animation. His sense of comic timing is excellent and he makes us feel for the characters on screen. We are sure he has a great future ahead of him. If you're interested in studying on our Character Animation Course, you can check it out here.

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alex williams
Wed 19 Oct 2011: 3:47pm

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  • Alex Williams:

    Everything was done on the course here at Escape Studios

  • Annabel Jeffery:

    If I can just say, I think Richard Jeffery has wonderful inspiring talent! Of course, I'm slightly bias as he is my younger brother but we just love his work and we think he's is hugely creative, especially his little niece Neeve down here in Taupo, NZ. Well done Rich, miss ya xx

  • Paul:

    Great animation and very imaginative shots! Was this all produced on the course? Nice work anyway, timing and execution is spot on!

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