Escapee Reunion at Saddington Baynes

Escapee Reunion at Saddington Baynes

Last Wednesday we sauntered down to our friends at Saddington Baynes, devoured some gourmet Pizza, washed it down with some ice cold beer and cleansed our pallets with some invigorating VFX related conversation, all in the name of our second graduate reunion…who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? And with a high calibre of industry employed attendees from the likes of Double Negative, Framestore, The Mill and MPC London, conversation was rife.

Thanks to the Saddington Baynes team we had a top quality venue prepared for the occasion, and had decked it out in true Escape fashion, with our signature height chart set up for some light hearted escapee snaps, meaning we could document the evening as it unfolded. All this was topped off with some CG wizardry, kindly provided by Saddington Baynes, as attendees could download their magical ‘Sbook’ app, to enjoy some interactive CG imagery during the event. Come 7pm the wheels were fervently in motion for a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

This reunion was the second in a number of planned preliminary events, leading up to our 5 day VFX festival in October. As we look to build up our very own army of VFX escapees before the festival, they will be helping us divulge as much knowledge as possible onto the prospective visual effects artists of the future.

As well as everything just mentioned, we also had a camera crew on standby, capturing some poignant footage and escapee interviews, all of which will be edited into a feature video, and posted on our site very soon, so watch this space!

For me (a newbie) it was a great chance to meet a great many escapees for the first time. And if you’re reading this, it was a real pleasure meeting you!

If you couldn’t make the event we definitely anticipate your arrival at the next.

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