Escapee Jacob Flint Lands First VFX Job at The Mill

Escapee Jacob Flint Lands First VFX Job at The Mill

VFX escapee, Jacob Flint has just bagged a job at The Mill which as you can imagine he's pretty pleased about. The truth is, we are too.  Having studied with us for 12 weeks on our VFX Production course, Jacob learned all of the vital skills that he needed to get started in the industry right away.  He was pretty nervous during his interview but ultimately his skills shone through.

As Training Manager, I get to see so many of our students walk through the door without any real VFX skills and leave fully competent professionals and there's nothing better than watching that happen.  We caught up with Jacob to find out how it's going at The Mill, whether the stuff he's working on is really as cool as it sounds and if there's any time to be nervous these days...

Take a look at Jacob's case study.

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