Escapee Helen Streeter Gets Job at The Mill

Escapee Helen Streeter Gets Job at The Mill

We are proud to congratulate Helen Streeter on her new position as a runner at The Mill. Helen recently completed the character animation course at Escape Studios, and worked hard on putting together a showreel demonstrating her animation skills. The Mill is one of London's leading VFX houses and recently re-opened its film division following strong successes in commercials and music videos. The biggest hurdle in visual effects is always getting that first job and we couldn't be more pleased for Helen - congratulations.

If you're interested in studying animation and would like more information on it, get in touch. Or if you'd like some detailed information on the course, check out the web page here.

You can also check out Helen's showreel here.

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alex williams
Fri 5 Aug 2011: 11:12am

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  • Amila C Kumarasinghe:

    Thank you isabelle

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hi Amila,

    A link to Helen's showreel is at the bottom of the post ;-)


  • Amila C Kumarasinghe:

    Good luck Helen Streeter. Can we see yout demo reel? any vimeo or youtube link?

    thank you . .

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