Escapee Giuseppe Candido Secures Job at FIPLAB

Escapee Giuseppe Candido Secures Job at FIPLAB

Giuseppe Candido is not only a recent character animation course escapee, but now also a very talented animator and a skilled Maya Generalist. He has put together one of the most charming demo reels we have seen here at Escape Studios. Giuseppe combined many of his student exercises into a circus project - creating a stunning short film in the process, and all completed from scratch in just six weeks.

Giuseppe is currently freelancing for FIPLAB animation, a leading content provider for iPhone and iPad Apps. Look out for their "Talking Zombie" App this Halloween! In the meantime, check out their Talking Dragon app.

If like Giuseppe you dream of becoming an animator, feel free to check out the details of our animation course, of simply sign up for an open day

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alex williams
Thu 25 Aug 2011: 12:03pm

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  • Joe Kelly:

    Congratulations Giuseppe! I'm really pleased that you finally made it onto the course and have done so well. I love the idea of combining all your small projects into a final short. I hope everything goes well at FIBLAB and we see more of your work in the future.

    Did your friend ever take the visual effects course?



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