Escapee Chris Mulcaster Talks About His Job at Cinesite

Escapee Chris Mulcaster Talks About His Job at Cinesite

Chris Mulcaster is a great example of someone who got to where he wanted to be through hard work and determination. Chris studied our VFX Production course and it gave him all of the skills he needed to secure a job in the VFX Industry. But he didn't just study the course, he poured his heart and soul into it. This is the sort of dedication which pushes you to achieve great things and which sets you apart in a very competitive industry. 

Chris has been working at Cinesite for almost a year and has taken to his position as Environment TD like a duck to water. As much as he loved studying VFX with us, he didn't hold back when letting us know exactly how intensive he found it: "It's a hard core 12-weeks, and definitely not for the faint hearted".

If you'd like to find out how Chris made his dream a reality - read about it here.

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