Escapee Alumni Company Roll Call

I was just looking over some of the people in our alumni group on LinkedIn and it was great to see the amazing list of companies Escapees are working at.  To the have the CG industries peppered with so many people from our courses is a great feeling and we'd love to hear from anyone who isn't in the group so we can see where you are and what you've been up to.

Here's just some of the companies.

VFX and Animation
Framestore, Cinesite, Double Negative, ImageWorks, The Mill, MPC, DreamWorks, Aardman, Prime Focus, The Senate, Partizan, Glassworks, Therapy Films, Uli Meyer Animation, Animal Logic, Nvisable, Darkside Animation, Passion Pictures

EA, Codemasters, Rare, Sony Computer Entertainment, Crytek, Travellers Tales, Frontier Games, Geomerics, Jagex

Taylor James, Foster + Partners, Crystal, Saddington & Baynes

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Fri 5 Nov 2010: 1:14pm

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