Escape Tutor Paul Harrison on the Wacom Cintiq13HD

Escape Tutor Paul Harrison on the Wacom Cintiq13HD

Our Escape Tutors are always on the ball when it comes to the latest tech, and a couple of weeks back my eye was caught by one of our online mentors Paul Harrison, who was sketching on his new piece of Wacom kit, the latest addition to his arsenal of tools.

The tablet is called the Cintiq13HD and is the latest product on the market from Wacom, its focus on slim design means you can enjoy many of the advantages Wacom’s larger models while you’re on the move. It’s detachable stand adjusts to three different working angles so it can be used almost anywhere - it also comes with Wacom’s new ‘ProPEN’ which has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition and an enhanced overall design to make for a better feel than ever before. As well as this, the tablet’s 3 in one cable means it can be plugged into any Mac PC or Snap with ease.

We asked Paul about this latest purchase and he had this to say…

“I think the best thing about it is that it is portable and affordable. Cintiqs have been around for a while, but they are huge, heavy and very expensive – (some landing over £2000 mark) I love the fact that I can bring it to and from work and sitting on the sofa at home with it and sketching as if I had a drawing pad. It is much more responsive that a wacom tablet and I believe is as close as you can get to sketching on paper.

I know many use it for Zbrush and Mudbox. I am yet to try it for that, but I can imagine it would be brilliant for that too.”

Check out the neat trailer above and for more info – check out the Wacom site!


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  • DHW:

    Looks amazing.

    On the wacom youtube channel there's timelapse videos of the Cintiq range in action by Japanese Manga artists. They show a master at work, here's the link to the Cintiq 13HD live painting on wacoms channel-

    Truely inspirational!

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