Escape this Summer

Escape this Summer

While the days are cold, the nights are long, and we’ve seen the back of Christmas and New Year festivities, at one point or another, we all find ourselves daydreaming about the return of the summer sun. The smell of sun cream, the call of the beach, and the excuse to whack on a pair of shades, making ourselves look AT LEAST 20% cooler, is but a dream away at this, the tail end of January.

However, may we remind you that, just as Christmas crept up on us, time is a cruel mistress, and will fly by before you can grab her by the coat tails. That’s right; soon enough, everyone will be complaining about the heat on the tube, the agony of sun burn and the return of the common garden wasp, who year by year wins the battle of making us feel as uncomfortable as possible, at what would otherwise be an idyllic countryside picnic.

I digress, the reason we’ve found ourselves looking forward into the depths of 2013 this week is because we’ve confirmed a number of dates on our 2013 calendar, and it’s all looking rather exciting!

As well as plenty of open days, industry talks and the return of our hugely popular, industry speaker clad VFX Festival, we have confirmed a number of course dates for the spring and summer months, that if booked 3 months in advance will save the soon to be escapee £500.

Here’s the link for further information – Look forward to summer, and we’ll look forward to seeing you!

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Robert Broadbent
Mon 28 Jan 2013: 2:27pm

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