Escape supplies Freelancers for Partizan Lab Project

Escape supplies Freelancers for Partizan Lab Project

After yet another busy month here on the Recruitment team I decided to get out, visit the front line and find out how some of our freelancers are getting on. Partizan Labs are currently in the middle of producing a series of CG commercials for the Carphone Warehouse and are using Escape to supply the majority of their freelancers for the project. I caught up with Henry Scholfield to get an inside scoop on the project and how using freelancers works for them.

Tell us about Partizan’s current project?
At the moment we are working on a set of Christmas adverts for the Carphone Warehouse. We are building on the brand ad that we did for them over the summer, and adding a new character to the cast which will be a Christmas mouse called Colin, who finds himself in the midst of chaotic revelry as the app characters burst out of the boxes.

What roles does Escape Studios help you recruit for?
There are a variety of different styles amongst our directing roster so we need to cater for a lot of different projects in our studio. More often than not it will be in 3D, but sometimes in 2D as well, using cell animation, Flash and After Effects. Sometimes we’ll require a compositing clean-up or effects for stop motion animation projects.

We have a Maya based studio and now work in Nuke for compositing, having recently moved from Shake, so it’s important for our artists to be skilled in those packages.

We use Escape to recruit for a wide range of different freelancers from Concept Artists through to Compositors. Generally with bigger projects, we like to build a team of Senior Artists and also include Junior Artist for fresh new talent.

Why do you use Escape Studios for your recruitment?
We run a small-medium sized studio and it doesn't make sense for us to keep a recruiter in-house. As such it's great for us to have an agency we can rely on, letting us outsource the recruitment process and concentrate on the job in hand

We've built up a relationship with Escape Studios over the years, and as their roster of talented freelancers grew, we started to use them more and more.

For this current project we briefed Escape, told them who we needed and kept talking to them until we had a team that both the director and production (budget) could work with. They have a good knowledge of how post-production works, beyond simply sending off good looking reels, which combined with an impressive database of freelancers meant that they really delivered. Also, they still take our calls when we have to scramble to get someone onto a last minute pitch, which is golden!

You can find more info on our recruitment services here. To find out how we can help you on future projects get in touch, we'll be more than happy to help.


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