Escape Studios’ Studio 5 Framestore Visit

Escape Studios’ Studio 5 Framestore Visit

A recent venture undertaken here at Escape was to invite established post production houses in Soho to coach our students, to offer them direct feedback on their work here at our studio, and subsequently helping them prepare for what is expected once they enter the industry. On Thursday, 12th April 2012, the alumni class of Studio 5 attended the final coaching session with Framestore commercials, where they got to present their ‘end of course’ project to the VFX producers for feedback. Charles Downman was among the group presenting work that day, and here’s what he had to say about the experience...

During this second visit we were asked to present some of our latest work on shots where we had tracked camera footage, made CG models, set extensions to sit in the selected footage and composited them into place. On our first visit, each of us discussed what our final coursework project for Escape was going to be. And with Framestore’s VFX producers eagerly waiting to review the results, it was finally the moment of truth.

Overall, it was a successful day. Our hard work had paid off. We all got plenty of positive feedback from each of the producers and critiques for more work that could be done. With lots of new ideas to work with we headed off to the pub for a quick drink, as we anticipated heading back to the studio the following week to crack on with projects, tracking, editing, and compositing!

As you can expect, a big company like Framestore are extremely busy all the time. We would like to say a big thank you to them for taking the time to help our students with their work. For anyone working on a showreel, this is a golden opportunity, as you get to find out exactly what you need to keep and what should be left out to impress the VFX professionals in Soho. It’s also a great opportunity for these recent graduates to see which areas they need to improve on, allowing them to prioritise what they focus on when mastering what was taught over the 12 week VFX production course

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    Great Experience!! Love it Thank you guys

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    Good article.

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