Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 3

Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 3

The day started with a fab lesson from the guys that make Fabric Engine, a new procedural software for making tools for any 3D or 2D app, all accelerated on the GPU, very cool and exciting stuff; apparently it is the ice development team from the now defunct softimage. Lots of the big post houses have already adopted this software as an easier way of making tools and plugins.

This was followed by a great demo from Autodesk highlighting all the new and cool features of maya2015. I then popped down to ‘the emerging technologies exhibition’ and saw some really wild stuff. There was a VR simulator that you had to lay down on, and when you flapped your arms the goggles showed you that you are flying above New York...there was even a fan to simulate the wind blowing in your face as you are `flying`. It was so realistic that they had to tone it down as people were feeling really sick!

There was also some very spooky things too, such as pixie dust! This is a crazy system where dust or any light and small object `levitates` within a sound field, and things can be projected onto the dust, if you touch it you can feel no means of support for the dust (nothing!) almost like real magic! Sprinkling the dust into the active area caused it to hover in a regular grid, voodoo...

We then met up with the European chapter of SIGGRAPH to see other CG artists from Europe, very cool stuff, I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what I discover and learn!


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