Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 2

Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 2

Another great day at SIGGRAPH, we were up early for a meet and greet with educators in VFX, and discussions on how to teach VFX in the classroom and online. We then had a great panelled discussion on how to transition from a VFX Artist to a Teacher. The panel had some great Artists from ILM and top American Universities.

I then went to a brilliant talk on MOCAP using the ‘kinect’ (amongst other things), which demoed facial MOCAP with just a webcam, very cool.

Next up was a talk from the chaps from Mixamo, showing how you can, by using their service via their website, very quickly rig and animate a character, thus taking a lot of the time and pain out of doing it on your own. By using a product called ‘fuse’ you can quickly build your character and then use one of Mixamo's rigs to animate your character. They even provide a large library of animation that will work on your rig, thus really speeding up your animated character pipeline. Check it out!

We then heard from Eric Farrar from the University of Texas who showed us an amazing use of MOCAP by capturing the motion of the human tongue in order to use as feedback therapy, helping stroke victims to learn how to talk again, not just for pretty pictures eh!

Later I went to the screening at the electronic arts theatre of all the winners from the Computer Animation festival, after the awards presentation we were treated to some popcorn and also a screening of all the winner’s entries.We saw some really amazing work, one of the more interesting pieces was Globosome, which I urge our blog readers to watch immediately!

Last but not least, we all went to the famous SIGGRAPH reception where drink and food flowed and we met some legends from the industry, finishing the evening off by dancing around at a party organised by the Foundry, phew, another busy day!

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