Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 1

Escape Studios @ SIGGRAPH 2014: Day 1

After 10hr flight and a spot of jet lag kicking in we registered at the one and only SIGGRAPH today in Vancouver (Sunday 10th August)

Straight after registration, we went to a talk by ‘Demo Scene’, a movement that started in the 80's on Amiga 500. These guys are mostly European and hold a annual competition to program 3 minutes of sound and video using ONLY 4K of code, amazing stuff. They hold parties as well as this yearly competition – check out the movements site for more info on what they do!

One of the guys here has started a website where you can program your now interactive shaders in real time, geeky but fun;-take a look

In the afternoon I went to several talks on how various movie effects were achieved; we heard from Disney about rendering ice, frost and refraction for the movie Frozen. This was followed by a great talk on how the water affects were created on ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’  which was followed by Dneg talking about how they made the water effects on the recent Godzilla.

After a coffee (to combat the jetlag) we then heard some great talks about how ‘Animal Logic’ wrote various software tools to enable them to make the Lego movie, where I found out that all the props in that movie can actually be made from Lego! Incredible how they kept the film true to reality - amazing stuff!

Believe it or not, that was all after just one day, with the bar set this high I cannot wait for the rest of the week!


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