Escape Studios Online Mentored Student Spotlight - Ricardo Viana

Escape Studios Online Mentored Student Spotlight - Ricardo Viana

Current Escape Studios’ VFX Online Mentored student, Ricardo Viana is approaching the end of his course and looking forward to developing his showreel and meeting with our recruitment team. In addition to his coursework, he has a very busy schedule to maintain, but that has not stopped him from pursuing his dream.

Ricardo learned about Escape Studios when he was surfing the web for VFX courses that he could attend online. When asked what was the deciding factor to choose online courses as opposed to classroom, Ricardo responded “It was mainly geographical issues - I live near Lisbon, Portugal and I can't afford to go to London to study. I have a family to support and have to continue to work while I'm learning.” Ricardo currently works full time in a post-production house in Lisbon doing motion graphics work for commercials.

Ricardo started Escape Studios’ online mentored VFX course last October and has already produced some great work. He is nearing completion of his course and describes his experience as “Absolutely awesome! Never thought I would learn that much. The program is very intense but rewarding to hear the feedback from your tutor.”

When asked how he thought Escape Studios differs from other online mentored programs, Ricardo concluded “There are many reasons but the one that jumps out at me is the knowledge Escape has of the industry - technical and artistic. Having tutors like Mr. Lee "incredible" Danskin, really pushes me. He answers all your questions with his industry experience and knowledge. Even not meeting them live, I feel that I am learning from a real MENTOR that is next to me.

Another reason for choosing Escape is the online learning tool. I must give my congratulations to the developers. It is very well executed and is getting better and better. I can’t tell you how much this is appreciated. It gave me a chance to learn from the pros - 2,000km away from them.”

If you are interested in taking a similar path as Ricardo into VFX, contact our training team now to discuss enrollment for our upcoming online mentored courses and discover new opportunities that await you. 

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  • j.vishal:

    ricardo ur superb.

  • j.vishal:

    can u sugest me which curse is best maya r vfx

  • ricardo viana:

    Welcome Ricardo hope u like it as much as I did. Cheers

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Ricardo! Glad to have you in the Escape family.


  • Ricardo Ozaki:

    Hey, good job! Nice to read this history, because I'm going to start the online VFX course this month, and my name is Ricardo too, I'm from Brazil, have a family to support and a work, so I hope I'll also have a story to share here in the future!

  • nélio:

    Bom trabalho Ricardo !

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