Escape Studios Helps Havendale Deck out a start-up Arch Vis Studio

A while back we helped kit out a start-up arch vis studio set-up up by an arch vis artist Jon Yates. Jon came to us wanting to set up his very own studio, and needed to recreate the performance and scalability he was used to, but this time on a tighter budget and within a more restricted space.

Jon needed a set-up that would create a complete CG pipeline and enable him to create, render and complete detailed visualisation projects in quick succession.  After some evaluations and on recommendations by us, Havendale’s studio was decked out with Autodesk 3ds Max, Chaos V-Ray RT rendering engine and all backed up by the power of a Boxx 4850 workstation. This gave Jon a complete workflow  and he now has more time to concentrate on what he does best, being an artist.

We are delighted for Jon, and glad we could be a part of his new venture. Havendale is now a successful Arch Vis Studio. They have recently completed work on the Southampton Football Club’s brand new training facility, designed to mark the club’s 125th anniversary.  Nice work.

To find out how he decked out his studio, click here.


Faced with the challenging prospect of kitting out his very own studio,
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Mark Cass
Thu 25 Mar 2010: 12:11pm

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  • certified nursing assistant:

    What a great resource!

  • Dave Cox:

    Awesome and inspiring.

    Congratulations to both parties.

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