Escape Studios Graduation Day

Escape Studios Graduation Day

Today is a very exciting day for a lot of people here at Escape Studios. Yes, today marks the end of course for a few of our classes (Visual Effects Production and Visual Effects Animation Professional). And to celebrate this graduation day, we thought we’d give a little preview of what we do as a Bon Voyage for our escapees.

The students who take on a course at Escape work extremely hard. The courses are intensive and for some people the hours are long. But of course the amount of work put into a project is generally reflected in the final shot and we find this is very much the case for this years' end of course presentations.

For the graduation process, in comparison to the courses, we like to keep it simple yet beneficiary to all involved. We invite our escapees into our Break-Out Space (a small area where students can relax and break away from the confines of their studios) to take a seat in their very own cinema - with a twist.

Instead of getting popcorn and settling down to watch their favourite CG film (that’s what we like to think all our students ever do), they sit down to view the work of their peers from over the course. Many of them have spent the last six weeks or so with their heads firmly buried in their own projects, and so this is a great opportunity to see what everyone else has been getting up to. It's also a great opportunity for the tutors to take a more objective look at each of the projects on show, and offer a few final tips before they venture out into the tough world of VFX.

We will be posting some of the work from the most recent graduates on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck to all the graduating escapees. We wish you all every success in your future careers!

To see what some of our other escapees have been up to since their time at Escape, you can check out the Escape Studios Wall of Fame.

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