Escape Studios FTW!

Escape Studios FTW!

Happy Friday everyone! May the woo be with you. There's a good vibe in the office this morning as we sail towards August bank holiday; the sun is shining, birds are swaying, trees are singing. I might even go for a walk later.

But that's not why you're here, no, you're here for the latest news from your pal Ash. Well, have no fear, Ash always delivers. I'm here to remind you all that next week is the much anticipated Free Tutorial Week here at Escape Studios! #escapeftw.

I've raided our collection of webinars and tutorials and found the best of the bunch, and every day next week I'll be uploading one up to our YouTube channel for your education and enjoyment. Starting on Monday, everyone's favourite head of 3D Mark Spevick will be teaching you how to animate a Jellyfish in Maya with nHair and procedural animation.

After that we’ve got more great tips for both Maya and Nuke to see out the week, so make sure you stay tuned, or if you can't wait, head over to our Free Resource centre and check out a wealth of free stuff! #escapeftw.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Ash Miles
Fri 23 Aug 2013: 10:25am

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