@Escape_Studios Follow: @Spacepilot2000

@Escape_Studios Follow: @Spacepilot2000

Five questions finding out more about our Twitter followers, how and why they got started, and what they feel about the industry asked by Social Media Manager @TobyJOYdigital

Hi, what's your real name @Spacepilot2000, and where are you working?
Hi, my name is Matt Allan and I work at Bossa Studios, a social games company that are out to make high quality games and do things differently.

OK, what's your role in the company, and which projects are you involved with?
I'm the lead artist working on, and overseeing, art assets for our debut game Monstermind. I also provide artistic direction and input on some company promotional materials as well as developing exciting future projects.

Cool, why did you become interested in CG, and how did you get started?
Due to a well spent youth playing videogames and watching cartoons! I wrote a few letters (before everyone had the Internet) to companies like Rare, who were kind enough to write back with some helpful info to get me started. I then picked up 3ds Max in my evenings, learning a bit here and there, and incorporated it into my school design work wherever I could. I was lucky enough to get some work experience at Cartoon Network, before studying a BA in animation at the UCA in Kent.

Interesting, where do you see your career progressing, and what lies in the future for the CG industry?
Right now, I'm loving my work at Bossa, developing my leadership skills as well as my artistic abilities. In short I see myself becoming more involved with managing and shaping the art styles of our projects, and hopefully turning more than a few heads with some great looking games. We have been nominated for two videogame Baftas this year, which is a real honour. I certainly would be ecstatic if we won one!

I see interesting things ahead for CGI as a whole. I think Autodesk and Adobe are going to have to do a lot more to convince artists that their market leading products are worth the price tag. The increasing accessibility and capabilities of alternative, free or very low priced open source software are helping more and more artists take their first steps towards a CG career, and spurring on innovative and cost effective development for new mediums.

Thanks, do you have any advice for our students on how they should get into the business?
Well, as an escapee myself, I can honestly say Escape is a very good place to start! A passion for all things creative, as well as an autonomous drive to challenge and better yourself will assist you in developing into a strong, well rounded artist. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, getting things wrong is a fantastic way to learn how to get things right.

In fact, learn to make and recognise mistakes faster, and therefore more effectively! Share and seek knowledge wherever and with whomever you can to speed up, broaden and solidify your skills. But, most importantly, love what you do and learning to do it better!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Matt, and we look forward to exchanging tweets in the future. If you are looking to break into the industry and would like a free careers guide to give you a thorough idea of the jobs, salaries and opportunities available, please download your copy here.

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See you in the twittersphere!

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