@Escape_Studios Follow: @I_Zer0

@Escape_Studios Follow: @I_Zer0

An extended conversation (more than 140 characters) with our Twitter followers. Five questions finding out more about them and what they feel about the industry, with @TobyJOYdigital our Social Media Manager.

1. Hi @I_Zer0 What's your real name and where are you working?

My name is Chris Ioakeimoglou and I'm working for Wandering Samurai Studio. (We're all in different countries gathering over Teamspeak to create our project)

2. What's your role in the company and which projects are you involved with?

I am the Rigger/Animator for the company and I'm working on MechWarriors Living Legends. A total conversion Mod for Crysis Wars (It's free to play if you have Crysis wars)

3. Why did you become interested in CG and how did you get started?

I have always loved movies and games, but at the age of about 18 my passion for them lead me to start learning on my own with Online tutorials. Watching videos by various Online tutors helped me get a start, but mostly by researching, using my problem solving skills and my love for the subject were the key.

4. Where do you see your career progressing and what lies in the future for the VFX industry?

I feel that I'm getting a lot of experience on this free project, but hopefully my career will go sky-high soon! It all depends on the choices I make. I wish that I could take a Bachelors Degree in something like VFX or Animation, however, at the moment I am unable to fulfil this dream. But I still have a lot of other career options as I consider myself 'within the industry' because I'm working on this free project . It's valuable work experience even though it's non-paid, because I can use it for future job experience and references, when I choose to move on.

What lies in the future for the VFX Industry? Well, lots of stuff is in the pipeline, 'No poly counts' with new technology like Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering is one. I believe these new technologies for the Game Engines will make the artists life easier, however skill and love is needed to make it work! I follow events like the Games Developer Conference and SIGGRAPH gatherings which help you to develop and know what's coming up in the near future.

5. Do you have any advice for our students on how they should get into the business?

Working hard and not being lazy! Have a stunning portfolio that follows the principles of animation or VFX, most, if not all, companies love portfolios that show these underlying principles. There isn't a work-experience 'catch-22' because you can easily get experience by working on a free project and last but not least is a love for what you do!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris and we look forward to exchanging tweets in the future.

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See you in the twittersphere!

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