Escape Studios First in the UK to Teach NUKE to MARI Bridge

Escape Studios First in the UK to Teach NUKE to MARI Bridge

I have just finished a great week teaching MARI to our new Compositing Professional class. I took them through UVing in Maya, and then taught them how to get to grips with MARI. As part of the curriculum, I also included for the first time the brand new NUKE to MARI bridge which makes the process of taking camera projections from Nuke to Mari and baking projections to UV space much quicker and more flexible.

Our students got an added bonus too, when Jack Greasley, the MARI Product Manager at The Foundry, came in to show them where MARI is headed in future releases.

As an artist who loves texturing, I can honestly say that MARI is simply awesome. It is not only very impressive in terms of features, it is also a joy to use.

But the best part about last week, was to know that Escape Studios were the first to teach the NUKE to MARI Bridge in the UK.

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Simon Fenton
Mon 18 Jul 2011: 10:41am

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  • Carlos Conceicao:

    It was a pleasure Simon, thank you very much for introducing this great tools to our comp pro class, awesome!

    Special thanks to Jack for showing us in first hand the future MARI releases, it's amazing what this state of the art piece of software can do for us.

    For the first time I saw a light about what is to be a paint artist rather than a "pain" artist.

    Cheers ESC for this week.

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