Escape Studios’ Blog Factor

Escape Studios’ Blog Factor

A few weeks back we launched an internal competition at Escape Studios to get people’s creative juices flowing and find new budding literary talent. We invited people to write blog posts on anything they felt passionate about. It didn’t have to be CG related; it just had to be something which got under their skin enough to get them writing about it.

We had lots of entries, and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the literary prowess our staff – so much so that we have decided to post them on all our blog over the coming weeks. But first, let’s congratulate our winner.

David Conisbee, took the competition by storm writing about the latest trend in Nike footwear and the lengths one individual would go to in order to secure a pair. A truly engaging piece of writing, the post is funny, informative, opinionated and eminently readable. The only trouble I foresee for David is that I am going to be expecting much more in the way of writing from him.

We have decided to continue the fun and get everyone else involved. We’re going to ask you to vote for your favourite post in a Readers Award. This means there is still a chance for someone else from Escape Studios to swoop in and claim a prize. Friends or family of Escape Studios bloggers beware, you may be asked to lend your voting skills.

But seriously, who do you think deserved to win the prize for best post? Look out for them over the coming weeks and let us know your favourite by clicking the like buttons on each post.

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