Escape Studios & HaZ Film team up for VFX Sci-Fi Epic!

Escape Studios & HaZ Film team up for VFX Sci-Fi Epic!

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with HaZ Films as VFX Partner on his latest Sci-Fi Short film: SYNC. HaZ is a VFX Supervisor turned Filmmaker while also one of our tutors on the Producing for VFX course, (which is soon to start its third term)

HaZ’s most recent short film Project Kronos, is a Sci-Fi short which went viral last year and earned him representation in Hollywood as an emerging Writer and Director, soon after this it was announced in Hollywood Trade press - Variety, that a feature film version of the short has been green lit by a major studio for development.

“Teaching at Escape in the evenings, I was exposed to a group of talented individuals who were doing their own portfolio projects in their own time; I remember starting out as a junior back in the day and it was all about having commercial level shots in your reel, but also the real world experience of working on a film project. ‘SYNC’ is the perfect project for the selected group of 3D and Compositing students to get involved in a real world VFX studio environment where there is pressure, feedback from real life clients and the need to think smartly when creating the visual effects on time and to the highest standard, as seen in today’s cinema”

Escape Studios are currently accepting applications from students on the current 3D course and Compositing course to contribute to the project, where they will be mentored and lead by HaZ as well as other course tutors, we’ve also got Blackmagic and Arri on board as Technology partners providing Camera kit for the project.

Plot details are top secret for now but we’ve managed to have a glimpse at the script,  and if you like the sound of a high concept Sci-Fi action film shot with cinematic live action mixed with smart use of Visual Effects – then you need to get in touch and get involved!

SYNC is set to be released mid-August 2014, and if you want to check out some of the work HaZ has done in the past – be sure to visit his site!

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