Escape Studios 10,000th follower

Escape Studios 10,000th follower

We hit a Social Media milestone last week, obtaining our 10,000th follower on Twitter...10,000! So to celebrate this, we thought it only right to catch up with the man who took us to the 10,000 mark.

Mike Fitzgibbon, is a current Escape student who just so happens to be slap bang in the middle of our online mentored course, and by the sound of things, is enjoying every minute of it!

Like many 90’s children, Mike was taken to see Toy Story as a young boy, and since this moment his desire to create VFX has grown, enhanced by an introduction to a computer…

“I realised I could happily spend hours, nay, days in front of our old computer drawing things on MS Paint as a young teen, then a few years later, when I came across an open source 3D package (Blender) for the first time, it made VFX accessible to me and playing around with that made me realise that having this as my job would mean I'd never actually work a day in my life!”

As Mike rapidly builds up his skillset with Escape, he describes his decision to join us as ‘a no brainer’. After some online research and some discussion with London post houses about which path to take, Mike found himself consistently pointed in the direction of Escape Studios and speaks very highly of his experiences thus far…

“The Online Mentored course is really excellent. The tutorials are easy to follow and have great support Q&A sections. The weekly projects are relevant and challenging and I'm constantly surprised by the amount of time our tutors put in to making feedback videos for us. And the course structure mirrors the industry's structure so it gives a taste of how each section of the VFX process interacts. If you are thinking about it, go for it, just don't take all the jobs before I get one!”

So here’s to Mr.10,000, Mike Fitzgibbon! We wish you all the best with your course and soon-to-be-born career in the VFX industry.

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