Escape Students go to Peerless!

Escape Students go to Peerless!

Escape Student Sokratis Synitos writes... 

"For what started out as a small tour, yesterday’s visit to the Peerless Camera Company ended up a truly historical journey!

For a VFX student, nothing could be more exciting than seeing an actual, room-sized optical printer, the machine that gave birth to modern day compositing techniques. We were taken through its various features and all of our questions were answered, what struck me about the company right from the start was how warm and friendly people were.

Later we were given the chance to see first-hand a number of film set props. Being a Terry Gilliam enthusiast, I found the opportunity to see props from Baron Münchhausen incredibly rewarding.

Equally interesting was the detailed walk through the various movie sequences, which gave us an expert’s insight on creative problem solving.  As we watched excerpts from famous films such as Casino Royale unfold, we got to appreciate the time and effort spent on bringing them to life, and a quick glimpse at Flame software in action was a perfect way to end the day.

This visit reinforced the idea that companies that allow people to be creative in a friendly and supportive environment are a success and really strengthened my determination to work in the field."

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Fri 21 Jun 2013: 10:36am

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