Escape Represent!

Escape Represent!

Here at Escape Studios, we have subscriptions to the most cutting edge Industry publications delivered to our studios each month, and we fist punched the air recently when we saw both an Escape Tutor, AND one of our advisory board members featuring in 3D Artist Magazine and 3D World Magazine respectively.

For those who didn’t see their words of wisdom, Escape online mentor  Paul Harrison (along with a number of other high profile Artists) was dishing out some top tips for free online resources on the community page, pointing Artists in the direction of NASA for awesome planet textures, the Escape VLE for learning resources and Autodesk123D for free 3D scanning.

Which by happy coincidence, also found a place within Adam Dewhirst’s piece in 3D World, allbeit for a different reason

Adam was all about the gadgets, talking in 3D World about which styluses are best for modelling on the go. We caught up with the man himself a few weeks ago as he was researching the different products, and he gave us a cheeky demo on the tools that he was using when commuting to work; we’re glad he was able to reach a verdict on his favourite, as he spoke highly of all of the equipment he'd got his hands on.

If you’re interested in the above topics then we recommend you get your hands on both magazines this month and keep an eyeon their social pages (3D Artist - 3D World) for more VFX goodness!


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