Escape Pod Reunion

Escape Pod Reunion

Back in 2005 Escape Studios took the bold step of not only training CG professionals, but employing those graduates in an experimental outsourcing project, which became known as the Escape Pod.

Initially two projects were run; the first pod produced game assets for the developer Deep Red Studios on Atari’s ‘Tycoon City New York’, making New York style buildings.

The following month Escape Pod 2 assisted E.A Games modelling and texturing props and vehicles for Battlefield 2 on X Box.

The escapees who participated in these early projects formed a strong bond, and many have remained in contact to this day. This band of brothers have represented amongst others Framestore, The Mill, Cinesite, MPC, BBC, Sony, E.A, Rushes, Partizan, Th1ng, Smoke & Mirrors and Double Negative.

In fact, several have featured in Escape Studios hall of fame on our Success Story pages, but all have made their own mark on the CG industry.

Chief architect of the reunion is Adam Dewhirst currently plying his trade at Cinesite. Aka @intelligentape Adam has recently finished working on John Carter of Mars, but has now moved on to World War Z. However, he still found the time to reach out on twitter requesting our assistance in ‘getting the band back together’, and organising a reunion in the place all their CG careers started. Check out his latest showreel here.

We were more than happy to oblige as we consider all the students past and present to be escapees, and part of the Escape Studios family. So we look forward to welcoming back some of our brightest stars, on the 17th February at Shepherds Studio Bar (where the picture at top of post was taken) for one big night of story swapping and catch-up chit chat.

Once at Escape Studios, always an escapee.

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