Escape on BBC Breakfast!

Escape on BBC Breakfast!

It’s been quite a busy morning here at Escape! Our CEO Dom Davenport was interviewed alongside Framestore’s Sir William Sargent at their motion capture studio by BBC Breakfast. The lovely Steph McGovern who presents the breakfast slot conducted the interviews dressed fully in motion-capture gear and Irish danced as the famous Harry Potter animated character Dobby! 

The BBC have shown a great interest in the world of VFX since interviewing Paul Franklin, of Double Negative who was a key supporter in making The VFX Festival a success. The VFX Festival has started to raise awareness for relatively hidden industry – we’re starting to showcase the scientific world behind the on-screen magic.

The clip is coming soon but in the meantime, check out the pictures.

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Wed 31 Oct 2012: 12:30pm

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