Escape makes it to the South Pole (Sort of...)

Escape makes it to the South Pole (Sort of...)

One of our long standing customers and friend, Managing Director of Glassworks London, Hector McLeod, has taken on a rather 'pedestrian' themed project over the past few months, and not in the usual sense of the word.

You may have seen him featured in London newspaper the Evening Standard, you may have even seen his website, but if you haven’t seen either - putting it simply, Hector has been doing A LOT of walking. Racking up the yards on a daily basis, he has recently surpassed his target of 3000 miles for 2012, all the while fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital, a charity very close to his heart.

November the 18th saw the end of Hectors daily commute by foot, but December has taken him far from the familiar streets of London, all the way to the icy plains of the South Pole, joining a team of 10, on an 'in the footsteps of legends' tour. Upon reaching his destination on the 11th of December, Hector took the time to take the snappy snap above, which we're really chuffed about. It’s not every day we see the Escape Logo in Antarctica!

You can read the blog from the team’s expedition here. And with one of the crew having to be airlifted out from their voyage, you will see that this accomplishment was by no means easy. So on behalf of all at Escape Studios, congratulations to Hector and the rest of the crew. We hope this has made all the difference for their fundraising efforts. And if any of you fancy supporting Hector on this journey of his, you can sponsor him here.

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