Escape goes to the movies: Elysium gets the verdict…

Escape goes to the movies:  Elysium gets the verdict…

So, Wednesday night is movie night yeah? Well, it was at Escape last week, as a group of us in the office decided to take advantage of the 2-4-1 offer and check out Neill Blomkamp’s latest flick, Elysium.

I have to say, I was walking into this one with my eyes wide open, having seen the trailer and listened to the feedback from a few friends I wasn’t expecting anything too deep and meaningful, in fact (SPOILER ALERT) I had already prepared myself for the typical saccharine ‘hero sacrifices self for the greater good’ ending (and I promise you I didn’t know what happened at the end before I went) I still haven't quite worked out what was going on with Jodie Foster’s accent and don’t even get me started on the the love story sub-plot. *Deep Breath*

Thankfully, I wasn’t going for any of that, like the rest of my colleagues and most probably the rest of the audience who have already seen this film, I was going for the good ol’ fashioned VFX and on that level the film did not disappoint. The word ‘gratuitous’ did spring to mind on occasion, especially when Max (Matt Damon) blows one of the ‘robo-cops’ to smithereens and all of a sudden we’re transported into a matrix-style slo-mo shot, but they were impressive none- the-less.

So, if it’s a gritty, thought-provoking, multi-layered epic you’re after then steer well clear of this film. If, however, you’re looking for a fast-paced, action-packed, ‘so shallow it’s hardly skimming the surface’ kinda film then this is right up your street!

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