Escape gives 3D artists the Nuke know-how

Escape Studios offers first visual effects course combining the best of Nuke and Maya 3D imaging software


Escape Studios has moved quickly to offer the industry's first combined Nuke and Maya training course to give any aspiring 3D visual effects artist the "must have" skills to pursue a career in the visual effects industry.

We have designed a highly interactive online course - "Nuke for 3D artists" - which is perfect for those with a working knowledge of Maya and anyone looking to gain extra training to help further their visual effects career. Nuke is fast becoming the leading 3D compositing software and is regularly used by film and television post-production companies to create cutting edge visual effects for epics like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and King Kong.

The Nuke application, developed by The Foundry, is poised to become the industry standard following Apple's decision to halt further development of Shake in 2007. While the Shake application was suitable for 2D design, Nuke's compositing environment has been tailored to suit 3D environments, bringing extra design capabilities to the world of visual effects.

During the 11 hour course, students will gain valuable insight into how computer graphics work is rendered in multiple passes, and rebuilt in the compositing environment - key techniques for any visual effects artist. The unique training course can be adapted to suit individual needs and preferred learning styles. The course encourages students to speak with Escape's world class tutors and other students undertaking the training, which provides useful feedback and collaboration at every stage. To make learning easier, Escape has also designed an animated character to provide additional tutorial throughout the course.

Ben Minall, Training & Demo Manager, The Foundry, highlights the benefits further: "The high quality tutorials are presented in a slick format and show the workflow from Maya into Nuke in a way that lets you see both sides of the coin. The content is delivered clearly, at a relaxed pace, in easily digestible chunks."

Lee Danskin from Escape Studios commented: "From 3D enthusiasts to professionals, the "Nuke for 3D artists", course provides vital training in the software and techniques required to make it in the visual effects industry. It has been specially created to replicate the production environment, which means our students get to taste what it's like to work in this exciting industry and the necessary training to help them stay ahead of the competition."

"Nuke for 3D artists" is available now. The online course costs £249, please visit Escape Studios for further details.

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