Escape from home!

Escape from home!

So, there's been a bit of a change around here at Escape since I posted my last blog...

We now have the lovely Cath manning Front of House while I am slowly but surely settling myself into my new role as Admissions Advisor!

As part of my training I decided to have a look at the Two-Week VFX Online Taster, which gives an 'hands on' overview of what is taught in our 3D for Visual Effects Online Course, covering skills such as modelling, texturing, lighting tracking and rendering. The beauty of the online taster is I've been able to fit it in around my work routine, dipping in and out of the videos over the last week as and when I've had the time, so it's ideal for those of you who are unable to come into our studios but would like to know a bit more about what we teach before commiting long-term. 

Naturally the taster course is simply an introduction to our course material and for anyone wishing to really hone their VFX skills remotely, the full online course is the way to go. If you are still unsure then why not get in touch, send an email or pick up the phone, it might even be me who answers your query!

In the meantime, enjoy the video above and I hope to be speaking to some of you very soon...

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Claire Vandenbroecke
Fri 2 Aug 2013: 1:00pm

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  • Santiago Vivanco:

    VFX reel looks great!

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