Escape and Dive Into The Blu

Escape and Dive Into The Blu

When Wemo Media launched a few weeks ago they quickly attracted a lot of attention. But what exactly is it?

Well, The Blu is a global art project inspired by the oceans where people connect to help protect them. A global mission to create the ocean on the web - an interactive world where every species and habitat is a unique work of art created by digital artists and developers around the world, as a social online experience.

You can connect either as a CG artist to make your sea life and aquatic environment models for sale, or as an art lover purchase those models, and contribute to the protection of our marine world. For up and coming artists like our own escapees who graduate from Escape Studios, it could be an excellent bridge between studying and getting that first junior role. I asked Animation Tutor Alex Williams his view on the project.

"One of the key challenges faced by every escapee - and indeed other graduates of every educational institution anywhere - is the old catch 22. How do you transform student work (even outstanding student work) into production experience? It's hard to get a job without experience, but it's hard to get experience without working. So how does one solve this conundrum?

There is one way of getting professional experience on your demo reel, and that is to sign up for freebie projects, at places like, for example. Everyone does freebies from time to time - I do them often, if it looks interesting or fun, or it's a deserving cause. However, the key points to note are: Is it worth doing? Will it look good? And what will I learn?

One cause that might be worth connecting with is A global effort to model, rig and animate the oceans, including all the species within it. This could be an excellent opportunity to help out with a deserving cause, help protect our imperilled aquatic environments, also get some excellent, professional experience!"

So if you are interested in helping to make, or perhaps purchasing art to heal the oceans, or just curious to see the project progress, head over to and dive in yourself.

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