Equity investment for Prime Focus World values company at $250 million

Equity investment for Prime Focus World values company at $250 million

On March 20th 2013, Prime Focus World N.V. gained equity investment from AID Partners (a private equity firm focused on expansion capital and buyout opportunities specifically in the media and entertainment sector). Investing USD 10 million, this venture has contributed significant value to Prime Focus Limited as a whole, valuing the company at a total of USD 250 million.

What does this mean? Well the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Prime Focus World, Namit Malhotra, comments, “…we have accomplished a great deal in the five years since we founded Prime Focus World.  We've emphasized the importance of making PFW a valuable investment by breaking into Hollywood, building direct relationships with major global studios, consistently creating superior quality work utilising our global digital pipeline and generating a revenue growth with a CAGR of over 68%.  I attribute our success to our unique model of striking the right balance between creativity, technology and financial imperatives on each of our projects. Today it is heartening to see a discerning investor like AID Partners find such worth in our company.”

With this kind of financial support and recognition behind them, Prime Focus look forward to continued success worldwide, as both companies (Prime Focus World and AID Partners) work together to improve the quality of film content produced for the Aisa region and to enable further growth in the entertainment industry.

For more on this, check out the full story here.

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