Entry Level Compositing Webinar - Now Live On Our Website

Entry Level Compositing Webinar - Now Live On Our Website

Most of you will remember that I ran a webinar last month called "Entry Level and Junior Roles for Compositors", which focused on what you can expect as a junior compositor in the industry.

I am pleased to announce that you can now view this webinar online, by following the links below.

In the webinar, we looked at the typical entry level roles for compositing like Roto, Paint, Prep and demonstrated how these fit into the compositing team structure and pipeline. We looked at the types of shots that might be given to a junior and what sort of brief they would get as well as the time-scales and the level of quality that would be expected of them.

You’ll see how we teach these skills in our Compositing for Production course and prepare people for junior work as well as helping them to create a showreel that demonstrates these industry skills.


  1. Log into the Free Stuff area of our site
  2. You will be asked to either sign-in if you are an existing user or register if you are a new user
  3. Half way down the page, you will find the complete list of our webinars 
  4. Just click on the one entitled "Entry Level Compositing, by Davi Stein"

If you want to find out more about our Compositing for Production Course, click here.

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Davi Stein
Tue 7 Jun 2011: 5:34pm

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  • Isabelle Duarte:

    It's our pleasure. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Francesc Macià:

    Thanks for upload! Nice to see!

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