Employment Opportunities in VFX and 3D Sectors to Rise in India

In recent years we’ve seen massive leaps forward in entertainment technology. 3D TV is all the rage and the release of the Nintendo 3DS has given us our first, glasses-free, 3D console. But what does this advance in entertainment technology mean for the Visual Effects industry? According to the latest statistics, the industry in India is set to grow at 18.5% a year - in short, it’s a great time to be working in VFX and 3D in the Indian subcontinent.

Many experts see a growing demand for content, increasing investment in training talent, continued growth in outsourced work and increased conversion of 2D to 3D formats, all helping to contribute to the 18.5% growth. Visual Entertainment Services group Prime Focus for instance, are expected to hire between 3,500 - 3,700 people alone this year. 

A recent article in DNAIndia does, however, point out that one of the limiting factors in this growth is the ability to find artists who have the right level of skills. Delna Dhamodiwala, General Manager HR at Prime Focus is quoted as saying that curriculum for VFX and 3D does exist in India, but at a base level.

So what does this mean for young aspiring artists in India? Well, it means that they need to look outside of India to gain the skills they need. This is no real news to us here at Escape Studios. We literally get hundreds of enquiries from Indian artists every month. The good news is that for them, there is now a much easier and much cost effective way of learning VFX with us thanks to our Online Mentored Courses.

This is proving to be quite an attractive proposition for young artists out there who want to up-skill but can't afford to either stop working or leave India to study abroad. In addition to which, many western governments are now tightening their student visa application systems, which means that it is now harder to get a visa to study abroad. With online learning, this problem simply goes away.

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  • Ankit Sinha:

    There has been hiring spree by prime focus, and also by other studios, for rotoscoping artist and if you want job, all you need to know is little bit of basic computer knowledge. But sadly this growth has hindered growth of other field in animation and vfx in india. Virtually there is no job for the people who model, texture or work with dynamics.

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