Elysium is going to be awesome!

Elysium is going to be awesome!

We have been champing at the bit for the release of Neill Blomkamp’s “Elysium”, and we were extra pumped this week when this extended theatrical trailer was released, this film looks nuts.

In this bumper sized trailer, we found out a lot of new rather interesting details about the film; set in 2154 the global population is separated into 2 contingents, one of which lives in the utopian Elysium, and the other (the majority) is trapped on the dark and tumultuous future earth.

Whereas the first glimpse of the film gave us a preview of the aesthetic side of Elysium and what kind of action we were to expect, here we get more of a look at the character dynamic, and more of an insight into the unjust and oppressive future earth where machines have authority.

The directors debut ‘District 9’ seems to have been a first step towards this creation, as this film seems to have given him more creative license over the look of the movie, as well as maintaining a strong sci fi plot - we’ve also a very good looking film on our hands.

We can’t wait!

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