• Electric Theatre Collective

Electric Theatre Collective

Co-founded by an escapee, (James Sindle) the Electric Theatre Collective is a young post house, but is already making waves in the world of VFX.

Having set up in London’s west end in early 2012 the company preach passion, creativity and the nurturing of talent. After nearly two years in the industry, ETC is a well-oiled, well connected and rapidly expanding engine that has built up a strong team and continues to provide industry standard work on a regular basis.

With a huge focus on people, the Electric Theatre aims to provide the friendly intimacy of a small firm, with “the creative muscle of an industry giant”.

Their CV lists work with brands such as Samsung, Lexus, Adidas, Goodyear, and o2, as well as some very interesting projects with musical acts Daft Punk, Foals and Kasabian. To see a complete list of their work click here.